Sustainability in maternity webinar

The IDM theme for 2024 was climate change as it is  the greatest health challenge of our time. The warming of our planet has  seen more natural disasters that significantly impact the health of women and babies. By adapting health systems with big or small changes we can lower carbon emissions and deliver safe and environmentally sustainable health services

RCM Board member Sarah Jones will chair the webinar and discuss how small scale contributions to the sustainability agenda can improve staff well-being and have a positive impact on reducing carbon foot print of teams. Liz Murphy will discuss the contribution healthcare systems make towards climate change both nationally and globally and how health professionals as trusted voices can influence change that will benefit the communities we serve, improve staff well-being and have a positive impact on the environment.


Sarah Jones

Sarah is the Lead Midwife for Education and Practice Development at St Marys Hospital in Manchester . Sarah has an interest in sustainability and has recently won an employer led green impact award for a small scale suitability project in the maternity education department.  Sarah believes that all maternity professionals can contribute to the sustainability agenda and wants to ensure this is a key component of education and he maternity workforce priorities.

Elizabeth Murphy

Liz is a nurse and midwife at Manchester Foundation Trust. In August 2022 she started a secondment as a Sustainability Officer which has now blended into a hybrid role where she can pursue both strands of her career. Concern for the environment and the effects of climate change on health were drivers for Liz to want to support the transition to a more sustainable healthcare system. The NHS produces the same greenhouse gas emissions as Denmark. We are part of the problem, however, it is important to engage staff to realise the NHS can be part of the solution too.