A leadership programme for Band 7 Coordinators and Band 7 Leaders - London

Improving quality and safety in maternity through compassionate and courageous leadership development

This programme is for Band 7 Labour Ward Coordinators and Leaders who have responsibility for leading and supporting clinical teams.


The Syndeo: A leadership behaviour, quality improvement, and networking programme has been designed with the Royal College of Midwives and Enono for Band 7 leaders to help them connect better with themselves, their team, their colleagues and to grow healthier workplace cultures. This programme does this by using various international recognised products, theories, and frameworks to include the Five Behaviors™ of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile Assessment. For more information about the two key products The Five Behaviors video and Everything DiSC video.

Why should Band 7 labour ward coordinators and Band 7 leaders participate in the programme?

The programme will focus on four key learning and development topics:  

  1. Behaviours: gaining a greater appreciation of self and others by identifying self-behaviours as leaders– seeing yourself and how others see you and the impact on workplace culture. Think about what compassionate and courageous leadership means to you and how you do this in complex, competing, and high-pressure systems.  
  2. Communication: challenging conversations with colleagues and families (including escalation, and challenging workplace behaviours). What is the impact of human factors and complex systems management? Start to appreciate each other’s priorities, and what motivates them. Communicating effectively with our teams by appreciating each other’s needs, fears,  limitations, and associated behaviours with strategies to better connect so we can love what we do and why we do it. Build trust on an emotional vulnerability-based level through the use of a common language and consciously adopt healthier workplace behaviours. 
  3. Politics: identifying how services are shaped and managed and the importance of visibility in these spheres –how can Band 7 coordinators and leaders contribute and engage in the development and improvement of safe maternity services?    
  4. Improvement for quality and safety in maternity: develop and strengthen your quality improvement network and enhance quality improvement in your organisation with support to implement a quality improvement project and feedback outcomes through the RCM.