Webinar: Black Dads Matter: Supporting black fathers & fathers in families of colour


The Fatherhood Institute is working with the Royal College of Midwives to develop a new father-engagement toolkit for midwives. As part of the process of developing the content for this toolkit, we are holding several ‘think-in’ events. This 90-minute online event will focus on how midwives and other practitioners working with families in the perinatal period can better support black fathers and fathers in families of colour.

Speakers will include Owen Thomas, head of father programmes at Future Men; Umar Kankiya, a solicitor and media spokesperson at Dope Black Dads; Amanda Hogan, professional midwifery advocate and NHS Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia programme manager; and Sandra Igwe, author of My Black Motherhood: Mental Health, Stigma, Racism and the System and Co-chair of the National Inquiry into Racial Injustice in Maternity Care.

During the session we will:

• Consider what the evidence tells us about black fathers – and maternity services’ engagement with them

• Identify gaps in research and think about key contextual issues, including research about racial inequalities in maternal outcomes

• Hear about and reflect on fathers’ own experiences, and:

• Explore ways to maximise engagement, and support for, fathers of colour.

This is an interactive session, where the aim is for fathers, mothers and maternity professionals to come together in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space, to identify best practice and achievable ideas for service improvement. We are particularly interested to meet and hear from:

• fathers of colour themselves (especially those with recent experience of perinatal and other family services)

• partners of such men, and

• practitioners and researchers whose knowledge and insights are rooted in relevant evidence and/or lived experience.