SMF webinar: midwives as colleagues, scholars and leaders

As the NMC Standards of Proficiency for Midwives states, midwives have a multifaceted role as colleague, scholar and leader. The RCM Student Midwife Forum (SMF),  recognise that our future careers as midwives may develop in any of these areas of our scope of practice.  

This webinar, hosted by the RCM SMF, will explore career pathways that can be taken as a midwife. With a range of speakers from various backgrounds, from research and education to professional development and midwifery leaders, the SMF will discuss these careers and how you can develop in your role as a midwife in a number of settings. There will also be the chance for audience questions to be answered by the panel of speakers. Sign up today and don’t miss out on this exciting webinar and the opportunity to hear some top tips on career development!