Race to lunch: improving practice

Pathways to research careers for ethnic minority staff

Healthcare research is important to ensure continuous improvement to the quality and safety of patient care. Healthcare staff have the expertise, knowledge and lived experience to highlight issues, and areas that can be better for both staff, patients and visitors.

This session will include

  • information about research career pathways,
  • research funding opportunities,
  • and a safe space to discuss barriers or concerns regarding midwifery research (as a research participant or research career).
  • If the group is interested, Olivia will also share findings from the first two studies in her PhD.

About the speaker

Olivia Joseph is a 2nd Year PhD researcher from the Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Translational Research Centre and University of Leeds. Her project explores racial and ethnic minority hospital workers experience of incivility, consequences for them and patient care. Her research interests include mental health and wellbeing of NHS staff, racialised health care workers experiences in the workplace, workplace mistreatment and patient safety. For more information, please see: https://yqsr.org/our-research-programmes/phd-students/