Education and research conference 2022

Call for abstracts

This exciting annual conference is aimed at all those involved or interested in midwifery education and research. We encourage submissions that support the overall theme of promoting inclusivity in research and education.

Education key themes

We are interested to hear from educators and students who have led work on developing the following in educational programmes:

  • Widening access to midwifery education e.g. for MSWs, care experienced people, those without the traditional formal academic qualifications, representation of local communities in the student midwife population; supporting students with disabilities.
  • Improving accessibility of midwifery education e.gflexible approaches and part-time courses; return to practice and shortened programmes.
  • Addressing inequalities e.gensuring that students have access to learning resources and materials that reflect different ethnicities; providing student midwives with anti-racist education; educating students to better support women and people with disabilities or from the LGBTQI+ communities.
  • Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of educators and students e.ghow you have supported staff and students to cope with the huge challenges presented by the pandemic.

We are also keen to hear from educators and students who have some positive work to share about:

  • How to meet the challenges of the expansion of student midwife numbers to ensure the continued quality of education;
  • Adapting midwifery education to use digital technologies positively – including tackling digital poverty and supporting IT literacy among students;
  • Supporting midwives in practice to support students effectively on the new future midwife standards programmes

Research key themes

We are interested to hear from researchers who have undertaken research in the following areas:

  • How to use inclusive methods in designing and undertaking research studies. How to include service users and seldom heard voices in setting research priorities, questions and in undertaking research. Using ‘by and for’ methodologies.
  • Improving the experience and outcomes of maternity service users of colour, disabled women and people, LGBTQI+ women and people; pregnant women involved with the criminal justice system; women experiencing homelessness or domestic abuse; women survivors of sexual violence; women with substance misuse problems; women with mental illness and mental health problems.
  • Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of midwives, maternity staff, student midwives and educators.

Before you submit please read our abstract guidance.

Abstract submission form

Submission deadline: Sunday 16 January Midday

Email your abstract to [email protected]