Expert Roundtable :No violence against women and girls

As part of the 16 days of activism for ‘No violence against women and children’ campaign, the RCM is hosting an expert roundtable discussion on the 8 December 2021 to look at all aspects of violence against women and girls.  During the 16 Days, the RCM will be posting relevant information and contributions from expert partners on its social media platforms ranging from Domestic Abuse, Honour Based Abuse, Sexual Harassment Polygamy, FGM, Forced Marriage, Virginity Testing & Hymenoplasty.

The RCM will also showcase their original FGM animations during this period  which have been translated into French, Swahili, Arabic and Somali, as well as the new animations that highlight the voice of males who stand with women in this fight to end violence against women and girls.

This will culminate in an expert Roundtable discussion addressing all forms of violence against women and girls

The expert panel will be moderated by Susan Bookbinder, Journalist & Media Trainer and include

  • Payzee Mahmoud- IKWRO
  • Dr Ranee Thakar, Obstetrician & Gynecologist
  • DCS Allen Davis, Metropolitan Police
  • Dr Charlotte Proudman, Barrister at Goldsmith Chambers
  • Louise Browning, Head Teacher Norbury School
  • Huda Mohamed, FGM Specialist Midwife
  • Neelam Sarkaria Barrister
  • Dr Leyla Hussein – Activist & Campaigner
  • Leethen Bartholomew Safeguarding Expert, Expert in Harmful Traditional Practice, Breast Ironing