Labour Ward Leaders workshop – working together for safe care (Swindon)

The workshop will help to develop more effective teams to provide the best care to women in labour. Surveys of labour ward midwives and obstetricians have identified a lack of shared leadership development for labour ward lead roles and a frustration at not being able to have their concerns heard at strategic level to adapt effectively.

Description: This one-day interactive workshop is designed to address some of the current challenges in maternity services around leadership on delivery suite. The workshop will support labour ward leaders to work collaboratively together to develop safe and cohesive teams delivering effective and safe care.

Key objectives/content:

This workshop helps participants to:

  • Appreciate the role that the unit leadership and culture has on the provision of safe care
  • Appreciate the common challenges in leading and promoting safe labour ward care.
  • Understand that collaborative learning, working and practice can improve the environment for women, families and staff
  • Develop a greater understanding of communication styles and become more effective communicators within and across professional groups
  • Appreciate the similarities and differences in roles of the multidisciplinary team on labour ward
  • Develop an action and implementation plan to bring about a collaborative change to the labour ward management

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