Developing Personal Effectiveness - Belfast Cancelled

This event is targeted at Band 6 Midwives who want to improve their overall impact and effectiveness within the profession by enhancing self-awareness and self-confidence, improving personal communication skills, developing professional relationships and the ability to influence others. 

The event will be particularly helpful to those taking on new roles and responsibilities or those who want to make changes in the way they approach their working life

The event explores four key topics in a practical way, encouraging participants to create a personal development plan that enables them to be more successful in their working life.

  1. Self Awareness– developing a better understanding of who they are and how they apply themselves to their work.
  2. Personal Engagement– working confidently with others and developing flexibility in communication and interpersonal skills. 
  3. Relationship Management– assessing the quality of the interpersonal relationships they have with others and identifying ways in which these relationships can be enhanced and strengthened.
  4. Personal Influence – developing the confidence to influence others by challenging inappropriate or exclusive practices and behaviours, proposing and negotiating win-win solutions, giving constructive feedback  and highlighting conflicts so that they may be addressed