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RCM Board

RCM Board

Role of the RCM Board

The RCM Board is responsible for the overall direction and control of the RCM. This includes ensuring that the RCM is efficient, effective, properly managed & supervised and accountable. The Board provides long term vision, ensures clarity of purpose by stating mission and setting strategic goals and strategic objectives and protects the reputation and values of the RCM. It directs and supports its CEO in leading the RCM to the Board’s vision. The Board is guardian of the RCM’s assets and is responsible for ensuring that legal and regulatory requirements are met.

All members of the RCM Board are practising midwives who have been elected to the Board by members of the RCM.

The Board meets regularly throughout each year and also conducts business electronically. Three Members of the RCM Board are trustees of The Royal College of Midwives Trust and also serve on board committees. One member of the Board is a director of RCM Trust Trading Company Ltd.

There are three committees of the Board.

Audit and Risk Committee

This committee oversees financial reporting, risk management, internal controls, compliance systems, and internal auditing. The Committee selects auditors for appointment and assesses their performance.

Board Membership, Performance and Development Committee

This committee keeps an eye on the structure, size and composition of the Board and advises if changes are needed. It plays a key role in ensuring that board elections are well designed and conducted and advises the Board on arrangements for evaluating the performance of the board, its members and its committees.

Remuneration Committee

This committee advises the RCM Board on the remuneration and expenses of the RCM’s CEO and plays a key role in CEO performance planning and management.

The Royal College of Midwives Trust

The work of the Royal College of Midwives Trust (the Trust) complements that of the RCM and, subject to requirements of charity law, the Trust and the RCM work as a cohesive whole.

Benevolent Fund

Through a Benevolent Fund Committee grants are made to midwives and others who need financial help.

RCM Trust Trading Company Ltd

This company transacts business to make a profit. After retaining funds to cover its costs the Company pays its profits to The Royal College of Midwives Trust under gift aid. 

RCM Annual Reports 2016

Click here to find the RCM Annual Report 2016, Directors Report and Consolidated Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2016

Members of the RCM Board

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