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Protect the Right to Strike

Protect the Right to Strike

The right to strike is under threat. The Government’s Trade Union Bill fundamentally undermines midwives, maternity support workers and other workers right to protest against unfair changes to pay, pensions and working conditions and to prevent job losses and cuts to services. Frontline staff, like midwives and maternity support workers, are the most valuable asset the NHS has, they should be listened to, not silenced.

Taking industrial action is always a last resort. Last year (2014), the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) took industrial action in England for the first time in our 134 year history after we were pushed into doing so by the Government and employers rejecting the recommendations of the NHS Pay Review Body.

The proposals in the Government’s Trade Union Bill undermine the right to strike because they’ll mean that agency workers can be used to break strikes. They will bring in huge amounts of red tape and restrictions on picketing and protests - like having to tell your employer what you’ll post on Facebook two weeks in advance or whether you intend to carry a banner or use a loudspeaker.

The Trade Union Bill is unfair, unnecessary and undemocratic. Please make sure you get involved with the campaign to protect the right to strike. Last year we proved that when midwives speak we get our voices heard. Together, we can make the Government rethink their plans and protect the right to strike.

Download our campaign pack

To find out more about the RCM’s campaign to protect the right to strike you can download our campaign pack here.

There is more information about how you can get involved with the campaign to protect the right to strike below.

If you have any questions about the RCM’s campaign to protect the right to strike please contact Amy.Leversidge@rcm.org.uk

Join in with the Campaign

No to Austerity, Yes to Workers’ Rights Demo
Sunday 4th October 2015, Conservative Party Conference, Manchester

Thousands of trade union members and activists will joining the TUC’s demo to make our voices heard loud and clear. The demonstration will focus on protecting the right to strike; it’ll be a great day and a real chance to get your voices heard as the Conservative Party start their conference in Manchester. Expect speakers from unions, music, surprise guests and lots and lots of noise.

The demonstration is on Sunday 4th October 2015; we will assemble at 12pm on Oxford Road, Manchester with the rally starting at 1pm then marching into Manchester past the Conservative Party Conference.

If you would like to attend the demonstration and wave the RCM flags please contact Lucy.Hopley@rcm.org.uk.

Protect the Right to Strike Lobby and Rally

Monday 2nd November 2015, Central Hall, Westminster and the House of Commons

The TUC have organised a lobby of Parliament so that MPs can hear directly from you about how the bill will undermine the right to strike and risk public safety and service quality. We’ll meet up at Central Hall in Westminster to hear some speakers and then in groups head of to the House of Commons to meet our MPs and explain why they should vote against the bill.

The rally will start at 1pm and the lobby will start at 2:30pm. If you would like to be part of the RCM’s delegation please email Amy.Leversidge@rcm.org.uk.

Write to your MP

With such a small majority in the House of Commons, the Government will have a battle to get all their proposals through. Lobbying your MP to make sure they vote in favour of workers’ rights is one small action that could make a huge difference.

You can find our who your local MP is from www.theyworkforyou.com and send them an email. Alternatively, you can write to them at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. It would be great if you could write to your MP before the first vote takes place, which is expected to be on 15th September 2015.

We have pre-printed postcard that you can download and print or you can get from your Workplace Rep. Alternatively, you can copy and amend the template letter, which you can find here.

Share information online

We have developed some great campaign images for you to share online on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to find the images then all you need to do is share or retweet them to your friends and followers!

The hashtag for Twitter is #tubill.

Talk to the media

The best way for us to explain why the right to strike is important to you is to tell your stories!

The press and media love to hear from working midwives and maternity support workers about why taking industrial action is always a last resort but it is necessary to have the right to do so to defend your job, working conditions and protect services.

Please consider being a case study for the RCM, members who spoke to the press during our industrial action really gave the campaign it’s heart and was an important part of our success. Don’t worry! Our press advisors will be on hand to give you advice about talking to the media.

If you would be willing to talk to the media please contact our Press Office at Gemma.Murphy@rcm.org.uk.

The RCM response to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills Consultation

Read the RCM response to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills Consultations below.

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