Rebozo Workshop – Way of the Koi

During this very practical half day workshop you will learn how to apply Rebozo theory to practice, you will develop confidence and discover the benefits of Rebozo first hand.  You will probably leave feeling very relaxed so don't plan anything too challenging for the afternoon!

Learn about the origins of the Rebozo and its cultural significance.

Demystify the Rebozo; once you fall in love with it as a pregnancy and birth tool your passion for it will become infectious.

Empower women and their birth partners to use this simple but effective birth tool.

This one of a kind workshop is especially designed to assist Birth Workers in using scarf massage techniques in their professional practice here in the UK.  As well as helping you to develop practical skills the workshop also:

  • Ensures you have a thorough understanding of the relevant anatomy and Physiology
  • Encourages you to develop an analytical mind and to feel confident in applying common sense to using the techniques
  • Considers safety aspects (both for you and your client)
  • Discusses insurance considerations
  • Reviews the evidence
  • Provides a draft Practice Policy should you wish to facilitate the use of scarf massage in your Independent Midwifery practice or NHS Trust

You will need:

A partner (ideally but no problem if booking alone), a pen & a long scarf if possible (see video on our website for ideal dimensions of your scarf, spares are available on the day). You will receive: A set of course notes, a free copy of the course companion ebook, a certificate of attendance, access to the Way of the Koi Birth Workers Facebook forum and a wonderful new skill set! 

The workshops take place all over the UK, mostly between east London and Bristol, with new dates being added to the website as they are confirmed. Visit to stay updated.



Contact details:

[email protected]  / 07904 658 664


To book:

Please complete the booking form and email to [email protected]