Online Cultural Competency and Safety Workshop

A two day workshop for midwives, student midwives and MSWs on cultural competency facilitated by Midwives Benash Nazmeen and Hannah Thompson

From the words we use, to the actions we take, we can all be influenced by the biases we have absorbed, developed and learnt in our life. Leaving these biases unexamined is harmful to you and to those you care for, as inequalities are perpetuated by midwives and other healthcare professionals. CPD should not be limited to new research or theory, but should involve assessment of our individual values and attitudes, old and new, so that we can consciously check and address them before we care for our diverse families.

Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (diverse) communities are often labelled as difficult to engage, when in reality they are easy to ignore. The statistics are revealing: people from these communities have a lower life expectancy, are more likely to experience chronic illness, die in childbirth, suffer a stillbirth... the list goes on.

These figures highlight the continued inequity and inequality present within our maternity and health systems. We must recognise that it is not race that harms people using our services, but a range of factors including racial and cultural bias within our systems and workforce.

Aimed at midwives, nurses and professionals from the wider holistic health community, this workshop provides participants with the tools to self-reflect and understand their own values and attitudes towards race, migration and diversity. The activities are tailored to the skills and professional roles of the group to ensure an engaging and pragmatic approach.


£120 healthcare professionals

£80 concessions

£50 students


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