Mindful Mamma mindfulness and hypnosis for birth

Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing was established in 2008 and complements the book Mindful Hypnobirthing. We have been running train the trainer sessions for over 10 years. Our classes are uniquely different from others. We constantly alter the class based on current evidence and encourage practitioners to deliver content based on their knowledge and strengths. Our focus is on quality not quantity and we only train up to 25 practitioners in the UK every year.

Set up by a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist to bridge the gap between mindfulness and hypnosis it was designed to make classes affordable and accessible. The classes are 6 hours long and can be run in different formats from one day, to 3 sessions of two hours.

The class is always taught by Sophie Fletcher, a Fellow of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and of the bestselling book Mindful Hypnobirthing which has sold over 35,000 copies to date, and Sue Henderson a practicing midwife.

We are strong believers in experiential learning, so we value face to face learning in small groups. Support by online videos on each of the hypnotherapy techniques in the class. Each training session is no more than 10 people.

There are two options:

  • Train as a Mindful Mamma Practitioner, which means that you can teach independently, with full branded materials, marketing support, online booking support, and mentoring. (3 days)
  • Set up in-house. Unbranded – Sophie will tailor a session to your requirements. There are a range of options for this. We have run groups of up to 10 teacher trainer sessions, with an additional day for all staff to learn how to support women who are using hypnobirthing or mindfulness techniques. (2 days)

Sophie is insured as a trainer, is DBS checked and registered with the CNHC. Susan Henderson is an RCM member and registered with the NMC.

Contact Sophie Fletcher at [email protected] for either a discussion about in-house training, or to request a training pack.


 "I recommend preparing for childbirth using techniques such as mindfulness to women in my care. The sensible practical techniques described in this book help reduce the fear and anxiety that often make childbirth more difficult and more likely to involve medical intervention."  

Mark Porter, Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist on Mindful Hypnobirthing


Website: www.mindfulmamma.co.uk