Calm births teacher training course

The Calm Births course was created by Hannah Barnes, an experienced midwife and hypnotherapist. The course is a complete antenatal education course with a focus on hypnobirthing. It is designed to prepare parents with the information, tools and techniques to feel calm, in control and positive about their birth - no matter what turns the birth takes. We prepare parents for all birth eventualities so that they are fully informed with practical, evidence-based information. We teach a course that incorporates all modes of birth, and a separate full course for those with a booked ELCS.

We train teachers monthly and offer ongoing support and optional extra training on running a successful business. The two-day training includes:

  • An introduction to Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnobirthing origins and how it works
  • The full Calm Births Course content
  • How to teach Hypnobirthing
  • An introduction on how to set up and market your business
  • The materials needed for your first clients

Included in the fee is: the two-day intensive course, teacher’s syllabus, training manual, a copy of the Calm Births book and a pack of client Positive Affirmation cards. You will also be invited to join our very supportive teachers Facebook group where we share ideas, evidence and support. You are optionally invited to meet with one of our team monthly 1:1 via Zoom to chat about the course and building your business. Joining Calm Births is joining a family of like-minded practitioners.

“The Calm Births Teacher Training is a wonderful and supportive way into the world of teaching hypnobirthing. We have been given a well-structured and informative syllabus to teach with additional teaching resources - which I am really looking forward to sharing with other mums. The support from Hannah and the other existing teachers is fantastic - it feels great to be part of this community.”

Cost: The rate exclusively for midwives is £899

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To enquire about the training please email: [email protected] or [email protected]