Breastfeeding London Course

Breastfeeding London Course

The Breastfeeding London Course is a set of 12 monthly study days (108 hours of lactation specific education) at a postgraduate level of education, that prepares candidates to sit the International Board Lactation Consultant Examiners exam. It is designed for health care providers and laypeople who want to provide accurate, current and evidence-based information about breastfeeding and lactation to expectant/new families. The course is taught by a multidisciplinary faculty and we have a 100% IBLCE exam passing rate.

Course content

Study day 1: Anatomy and physiology

  • Breastfeeding cultural beliefs and practices around the world
  • Breast and nipple structure and development
  • Breast and nipple anatomical variations (including inverted nipples)
  • Maternal physiology and endocrinology (hormones, lactogenesis, endocrine/autocrine control of milk supply)

Study day 2: Breast milk composition

  • Maternal and infant health risks of formula feeding
  • Biochemistry of human milk: nutritional and immunological properties
  • Impact of birth practices on breastfeeding
  • Antenatal breastfeeding preparation for couples/mothers
  • Hand expression and colostrum harvesting colostrum

Study day 3: Position and attachment

  • Physiology of the suck/swallow/breathe triad
  • Getting breastfeeding started with evidence-based care
  • The diversity of position and attachment (mother and baby-led approaches)
  • Latch problems and how to improve
  • Strategies for non-latching babies

Study day 4: Breast and nipple pain + related pathologies

  • Understanding breast and nipple pain/trauma
  • Engorgement, Plugged ducts, Mastitis, Abscess, Bacterial + Fungal Infections and Raynaud's syndrome
  • Other breast pathologies
  • Available treatments based on NICE guidelines and Complementary Alternative Medicine evidence-based treatments

Study day 5: Breast surgeries and management of undersupply

  • Breastfeeding after augmentation surgery
  • Breastfeeding after reduction surgery
  • Insufficient milk supply/insufficient milk transfer and their management

Study day 6: Counselling/communication skills and connection

  • Right and left brain approaches for effective communication/counselling and the alchemy of connection
  • Standards of practice/ethics
  • The anatomy of a consultation
  • Social/family context of breastfeeding and post natal adaption

Study day 7: Ankyloglossia/Tongue ties

  • Anatomy of the infant oral cavity
  • Classification and assessment tools of tongue ties (anterior and posterior)
  • Intraoral examinations
  • Impact of tongue ties on the breastfeeding dyad
  • Supporting the dyad through the journey: pre and post division

Study day 8: Breastfeeding devices

  • Expressing protocols
  • Alternative methods of supplementation and other breastfeeding devices
  • Donor milk banking
  • Re-lactation and Breastfeeding without birthing

Study day 9

  • Introduction of solids
  • Weaning: mother led and biological
  • Working while breastfeeding
  • The WHO Code

Study day 10

  • Premies and late preterm babies
  • Challenging early feeds including
    • Downs syndrome
    • Twins & Multiples
    • Oral facial anomalies
    • Inverted nipples
  • Oversupply and its management
  • Colic, reflux, GERD, allergies, food intolerances and lactose intolerance in the breastfed baby

Study day 11: Newborn assessment + Paediatric conditions

  • Newborn assessment: physical and behavioural including neonatal reflexes
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Maternal medication and breastfeeding
  • Preparing for the IBCLC examination

Study day 12

  • Research, theory and lactation
  • Breastsleep, bed-sharing and SIDS
  • Exam review strategies and re-cap
  • Mock exam!


London (Morden or East London)


  • Full 12 days course: £1300 (one payment only)
  • Full 12 days course for unwaged voluntary breastfeeding counsellors (from an accredited breastfeeding organisation) or student midwives: £1050 which includes a £200 deposit (non-refundable) + 10 X  £85 monthly payments (by standing order only)
  • Full 12 days course when an invoice to an NHS trust/health board, grant funding or any third party is needed: £1500
  • You can apply for a bursary for this course


Contact: Gayle Subramaniam

[email protected]