Race matters

Tackling racism is a challenge of many layers and complexities – conscious, unconscious, implicit bias and the RCM is making strides to be a positive force for our black, Asian and minority ethnic midwives and maternity support workers and the women they care for. Race matters seeks to eliminate racial slights, microaggression and make ‘the’ RCM ‘Our’ RCM; an inclusive  membership organisation for all midwives and maternity support workers.

In our podcast you will hear members from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds who  share their personal stories of how racism has impacted their midwifery careers. It also includes an interview with the two women behind the grassroots campaign FIVEXMORE who continue to lobby and campaign to improve maternal and pregnancy outcomes for Black women.

Our webinar is with two maternity support workers who are also RCM Activists who talk about how their race matters has impacted there work and what their next steps are.