Webinar series: Are you healthy, wealthy and wise in your workplace?

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility when staff are happy the outcomes for women and their families are improved. This webinar discusses how your wealth is your health, being aware of the potential workplace hazards that can be detrimental to your health. Lesley Wood Health and Safety Advisor a the RCM, she discusses challenges in the workplace, reporting an incident the power of the Health and Safety rep role. Hilda Palmer from the Hazards Campaign was named as the Most Influential Individual in Health and Safety 2020 at the  Safety & Health Practitioner awards. Hilda talks about the effects of occupational health and safety on women. Allison and Keelie highlight the importance of working together as a cohesive team in their branch, their dual roles as Stewards and Health and Safety reps and carrying out successful inspections in the workplace.


  • Keelie Barrett – MSW, Health and Safety rep, Steward, MSW Advocate East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and RCM Board member
  • Hilda Palmer - Great Manchester Hazards Centre
  • Allison Whitehead – Midwife, Health and Safety rep and Steward, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Lesley Wood – Health and Safety Advisor, RCM