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Want to know more about what the RCM as a trade union is doing for you? Well, this is the episode for you! In our May episode, we hear from RCM’s newly appointed Executive Director Trade Union Suzanne Tyler about what her team is doing to improve workplace support for midwives and maternity support workers across the UK. Hear more about the RCM’s key priorities to improve member experiences. Plus more on the upcoming TUC rally on Saturday 18 June on how you and your RCM Branch can get planning to attend.


Also, in this episode, RCM Activist and midwife Shani Woodbridge shares her experience of being a steward. If you’ve  ever considered becoming an RCM Activist or if you just want to know more about how RCM Activists can support you in the workplace, don’t miss this frank and inspiring conversation.


Emma Barr RCM’s Event’s Advisor also chats to Gemma for more on what happens behind the scenes at the RCM in planning member events. And with not one, but two Activist Conferences taking place this summer virtually and in-person Emma has all the details on why don’t want to miss these free events.


TUC Rally (


Virtual Activist Conference 22 June 


Activists conference Warwick Race Course September 

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Uploaded: 25 May 2022