Safe staffing

This month RCM published a Safer Staffing position statement calling out the Government’s poor record of investment in maternity services, which has undermined the efforts of midwives and maternity staff to deliver the safest and best possible care for women and their babies. Years of underfunding has affected the safety and quality of maternity services and report after report into failing maternity services cites understaffing as a major issue. England is short over 2,000 midwives and the situation is deteriorating with midwife numbers falling month on month, worsened further by the pandemic. Right across the UK services and RCM members are under immense pressure.

In this episode, Sean O’ Sullivan RCM’s Head of Health and Social Policy joins Gemma to discuss why funding for maternity services is so desperately needed, workforce issues, and the upcoming Ockenden report.

Gemma also chats to Catherine Cargill a former MSW and now a second-year student midwife, to hear her thoughts on the current situation as prepares to enter the profession and why she’s chosen to become a midwife and remains committed despite many reconsidering their roles in maternity services due to the immense pressures and stress.

*Following the recording of this episode NHS England pledged £127 million worth of funding for maternity and neonatal services, some of which will go towards midwife staffing. The RCM has cautiously welcomed the announcement.

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Uploaded: 28 March 2022