The RCM Podcast: COVID-19 one year on

This latest episode focuses on the past year and comes a year to the day since the UK went into full lockdown, March 23, 2020. A year like no other for midwives, maternity support workers and maternity services. Birth is not something that can be rescheduled and happens 24 hours a day 365 days a year and midwives have been there delivering care to women and their babies, putting themselves at risk to ensure the safe delivery of new life into the world, but how have they coped? What have been the biggest challenges? And what has the RCM done to support its members during the pandemic?

Gemma will also talk to RCM’s CEO Gill Walton to hear her reflections on the past year and what work is currently happening at the RCM. This third instalment in the new podcast series also features midwives who share their stories and experiences of the past year.

We also have a bonus episode this month where Gemma catches up with the RCM’s Country Directors from Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland where we also hear from a community midwife about the challenges she overcame in Northern Ireland. Plus, a very special message from Gill Walton to all RCM members.

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uploaded: 23 March 2021