The Welsh Government has committed to a Pay Review Body process to determine the steps for the Wales 2024/25 pay process.

The RCM has now submitted its written evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body (PRB) for Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

During the final week of February, the RCM together with members also gave oral evidence to the NHS PRB.

RCM would consult their members on any pay award offered. We would of course reserve the right to escalate to a pay dispute if the pay award is not acceptable.

Our asks

  • A Real terms pay increase that starts to address the pay cuts our members have faced.

  • A credible plan to restore the pay lost by NHS staff

  • The government to commit to working with unions to put equalities at the heart of the bargaining process

  • Action on retention to:
    • Ensure banding outcomes reflect job content
    • Reward additional hours fairly
    • Prevent burnout by limiting excess hours



Pay offer 2022/23 and 2023/24 summary

RCM Wales members have voted to ACCEPT the Welsh Government pay offer. In a turnout of 54% of eligible members, 67% voted to accept the offer, and 33% voted to reject it. 

We know that the offer was not perfect, and it was not everything we asked for or that midwives and MSWs deserve but it marked a step forward and was only possible because of the strong collective voice of you, the RCM and the other NHS trade unions. The non-pay elements include areas the RCM has been campaigning on for some time, including flexible working, pay restoration, staffing.
Full details of the offer can be seen on the Welsh Government website.

Pay offer 2022/23

On top of the PRB recommendation for 2022/23 and on top of the 3% already implemented (1.5% non-consolidated paid in March and 1.5% consolidated) for 2022-23. A further sliding scale one off NHS recovery payment (non-consolidated) has been offered pro rata for 2022-23.

This means that both substantive staff and bank workers received the following payment

Band 1 to 4 £900
Band 5 to 8a £1005
Band 8b to 8c £1100
Band 9 £1190

Pay offer 2023/24

A 5% consolidated increase with effect from April 2023.

An investment in the bottom of the pay bands so that band 1 and the bottom of pay band 2 have an increase of 8% taking them to £22.720.

Jersey Pay Offer

RCM members in Jersey have voted to accept the 3 year pay offer.

The RCM closed its consultation with members on 18 April announcing the results on Friday 19 April.

Sixty eight percent (68%) of members turned out to vote and over fifty percent (52.5%) voted to accept the three-pay deal.

The following was the best and final offer from employers:

  • 2024 = a pay increase of 8% (consolidated).
  • 2025 = a  guarantee of (September 2024) RPI plus 1% 
  • 2026 = a guarantee of (September 2025) RPI plus 1%

The RCM has thanked all its members in Jersey who turned out and voted for this pay offer and will keep members updated on any further developments by email. So please log into your portal and ensure your contact details are up to date.