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Overseas Volunteering and Consultancy Resources

Overseas Volunteering and Consultancy Resources

The RCM has collected some resources on the context of volunteering or consultancy in the UK and practical resources to help you prepare for your volunteering or consultancy work overseas.

The Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health has developed a Framework for Voluntary Engagement in Global Health, outlining the policy environment for volunteering and listing some helpful resources. Click here to access

Health Education England

Health Education England has created a Toolkit for the collection of evidence of knowledge and skills gained through participation in an international health project. The toolkit is designed to help volunteers consider and quantify the knowledge and skills gained whilst engaging in work overseas. The tool kit considers areas such as the development of communication, leadership and project management skills and provides guidance for managers on supporting staff to volunteer overseas. Click here to access

VSO – Volunteer  Overseas

VSO have created a video and collected volunteer stories and blogs to help you think about why you want to volunteer and understand the volunteer experience. Click here to access

MSF - Medecins Sans Frontieres‎

MSF have assembled a list of basic requirements for people considering volunteering with them. They also have a self-assessment tool to help you consider whether an overseas placement in right for you. Using these tools can help you to think about what kind of volunteering placement is right for you, and consider your motivations for wanting to volunteer.

REDR – People and skills for disaster relief

REDR train people to work in humanitarian relief, and have a large range of helpful resources including guidelines for humanitarian practice, advice on training and facilitation activities and a careers centre with useful advice and materials. All these resources can be helpful regardless of whether you intend to undertake humanitarian or other volunteering work. Click here to access