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RCM accreditation - for CPD

RCM accreditation - for CPD

The purpose of the RCM professional accreditation is to accredit activities relevant to our members, contributing to their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements and enhancing the care provided to women. RCM accreditation is a benchmark for providers of CPD programmes, resources and events.

Resources accredited by the Royal College of Midwives will:

Reflect the needs of the members and their CPD requirements

Address contemporary midwifery practice and provision of maternity services


Criteria for accreditation

The application for accreditation should provide evidence of the ability to provide CPD or resources for our members.

Where relevant the application should include:

  • A profile of the organisation/team/individual
  • Intended aims and learning outcomes, including relevance to professional development and/or enhancement of professional midwifery practice
  • Teaching and learning strategy used
  • Number of proposed hours of study/development
  • Proposed quality assurance methods
  • If participants are to be selected a copy of the selection criteria should be submitted
  • A list of any speakers, which should include at least one midwife

Applying for accreditation

The accreditation process may take up to three months as the RCM accreditation panel review the application. This may include appropriately qualified reviewers as required.

A fee is usually levied taking into consideration the type and size of organisation applying for accreditation, see this scale of charges for an indication of fees. An administration charge of £50 is payable in advance, this will be deducted from the accreditation fee.

If you would like to be considered for RCM professional accreditation, please complete the application form and return to: accreditation@rcm.org.uk.

The final decision for accreditation rests with the RCM and may not be granted if the individual/team/organisation does not comply with RCM values or is perceived to bring the reputation of the RCM into disrepute.

Granting accreditation

  • Accreditation will be for a maximum of three years
  • Accredited events and resources will be listed on the RCM website
  • The 'RCM accredited' logo will be made available electronically for use in promoting the accredited resource or event
  • Accreditation relates to the event/resource, not to those particpating in the CPD
  • Individual RCM staff or their representatives may observe the accredited resource/event at any time
  • The RCM will keep records of all accreditations
  • Accreditation could be withdrawn from an organisation, team or individual if at any time if they fall outside the agreed criteria
  • An annual report reflecting participants’ evaluations will be submitted to the RCM


For further information, contact accreditation@rcm.org.uk or call 0207 312 3472.