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RCM accreditation scheme

RCM accreditation scheme

The purpose of this RCM scheme is to accredit learning and education activities that contribute to RCM members continuing personal and professional development (CPPD) and enhance the safety and effectiveness of care provision and delivery to women, babies and their families.

The RCM accreditation scheme will not award academic credits, however it will rigorously quality assure that the learning/education activities meet the CPPD needs of its members and where appropriate, meet the professional standards of practice and behaviour for midwives, set out in the Code (NMC, 2015) and are relevant to their scope of practice. 

The benefits of RCM accredited learning/education activities are that the recipients of such activities can be assured that the content of the learning/education activity/event is of satisfactory quality and judged to promote best professional practice and improve maternity care.

RCM accreditation scheme - learning activities 

The RCM accreditation scheme is for individuals, teams and organisations who wish to gain accreditation for learning activities that support RCM members in particular, to improve experience of service users and clinical maternal and neonatal outcomes.

RCM accreditation is a benchmark for providers of CPPD opportunities, aiming to ensure consistency of professional standards of learning and/or education activities. A wide range of courses, resources and events can be accredited and some of the examples of learning/education activities that can be considered for accreditation are study days, conferences, educational events, courses, programmes, learning/training packs, toolkits, eLearning materials and other resources such as handbooks. 

Please note that websites are not accredited.

Criteria for accreditation

The application for accreditation should provide evidence of the applicants ability to offer learning/education activities or resources for the RCM members.

The application should be made by providing detailed information on the RCM application form and the criteria for accreditation is that the learning/education activity:

  • Relevant to RCM members CPPD and enhance the safety and effectiveness of care provision and delivery to women, babies and their families. 
  • Promotes best professional practice and improve maternity care.
  • Aligns with the philosophies and values of the RCM.
  • Clearly describes attainable educational aims and objectives.
  • The content is based on contemporary published evidence and should be appropriate for the target participants/delegates.
  • The programme of the activity is clearly presented demonstrating the structure and the study/learning hours including the learning and teaching methods used to achieve the stated learning objectives.
  • Method of assessment of the learning, where appropriate, should be clearly explained and include the development and implementation of the assessment task as well as the available support for the learner, preparing them for the assessment task.
  • Support for learning, where appropriate, should be described.
  • Quality assurance methods should be described, detailing the mechanism of evaluation and review to assure maintaining and quality improvement of the learning/education activity.
  • Information about the costs of the learning/education activity should be provided which should include costs of the activity/event for the participants/delegates and where appropriate how the activity/event has been funded or sponsored.
  • Any possible conflicts of interest should be provided.
  • All relevant legislation, standards and policy requirements should be complied with.

Applying for accreditation

If you would like a learning activity to be considered for RCM accreditation, please complete the application form, providing detailed information including any supporting material for example course workbook/handbook and return to: accreditation@rcm.org.uk.

A fee is usually levied taking into consideration the type and size of organisation applying for accreditation, see the scale of charges for an indication of fees. An administration charge of £100 is payable in advance, this will be deducted from the accreditation fee. This administration fee is non-refundable, even in the event the application is not successful. Students will pay upfront the total accreditation fee where the total accreditation fee of the event is under £100 and it will be non-refundable.

The administration fee must be received and cleared by the RCM before the accreditation process will commence. 

The administration fee must be paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice otherwise the application process will be closed.

Should any further information be requested by the Accreditation panel from the applicant, this should be provided within six weeks. Where no response to a request for information is received, the application will be closed.

The accreditation process normally takes approximately six weeks for the RCM accreditation panel of qualified reviewers to assess the application.

The final decision for accreditation rests with the RCM. Accreditation may not be granted if the individual/team/organisation does not comply with RCM values or is perceived to bring the reputation of the RCM into disrepute. 

RCM Accreditation reviewers’ decision is final and no appeal against the decision will be considered.

Granting accreditation

  • The RCM Accreditation will be confirmed in writing.
  • Accreditation fee must be paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice and must be received and cleared by the RCM before the RCM Accreditation is granted.
  • Accreditation is for a three year period. Conferences and study days are accredited for one year provided there are no changes to the programme.
  • Accredited activities/events and resources will be listed on the RCM website.
  • The 'RCM accredited' logo will be made available electronically for use in promoting the accredited learning activities/event or resource only.
  • Accreditation relates to the activity/event/resource, not to those participating in the CPPD.
  • Accreditation assures the quality of the activity/event/resource and cannot confirm the competence of participating individuals.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to comply with all relevant legislation and governance requirements.
  • Accreditation is not transferable to other organisation or teams.
  • Individual RCM staff or their representatives may observe the accredited resource/event at any time.
  • The RCM will keep records of all accreditation applications.
  • Accreditation might be withdrawn from an organisation, team or individual at any time if they fall outside the agreed criteria.
  • An annual report reflecting participants/delegates evaluations will be submitted to the RCM.

For further information, contact accreditation@rcm.org.uk.