The consultation closed on 31 May. We will share the results with members soon.

What is the uniform consultation?

From clinical to community maternity care, our identity is important to us. We are proud to be midwives and maternity support workers, but in our current uniforms we seldom stand out from the crowd and have sometimes been confused with other health care staff at first sight. That’s important for our identity, but it’s also a safety issue.

In England, NHS Supply Chain is currently conducting a consultation on whether to introduce a standardised national uniform for NHS staff.

Originally launched in the summer of 2019, the project was paused during 2020 due to more important priorities relating to the pandemic. The consultation questions cover two main areas:

  1. Whether you agree with a national uniform approach
  2. The garment styles and features you require for a uniform to be considered well designed and fit for purpose.

You can find out more on the NHS Supply Chain here.