Public service trade unions and employment relations in a context of crisis

By Professor Gill Kirton, Queen Mary, University of London, Dr Cécile Guillaume, Roehampton University on 12 July 2018 NHS RCN - Royal College of Nursing

The cases of NHS nursing and midwifery. In collaboration with RCN and RCM, our study investigates the work, career and union experiences of nurses and midwives in the NHS, the largest employer of women in Europe and one of the most racially/ethnically diverse.

Previous research has highlighted career barriers for women and black and minority ethnic workers in the NHS as well as generally deteriorating working conditions for all.

Critical issues include pay, job security, working hours, flexible working, career progression, employee engagement and voice, discriminatory practices. Our aim is to give voice to nurses and midwives and to provide an evidence base to assist RCN and RCM to improve their understanding of their members’ greatest concerns around careers and working conditions and to develop their equality and diversity work. Our research will help unions to understand how they can effectively represent and defend their members especially women, migrant and black and minority professionals, and particularly in the context of persistent and possibly increasing staff shortages following Brexit.

Over the next few months, we are seeking RCM and RCN stewards to take part in an individual interview that we will arrange at a time and place to suit your work schedule. The interview will last approximately one hour and we will send you interview topics and questions prior to the interview. Interviews are confidential and we anonymise names and workplaces in all publications and writing.

If you are willing to participate, please contact the researchers by email:

[email protected]

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