NHS Pay Negotiations

By Jon Skewes, Director for Policy, Employment Relations and Communications on 09 March 2018 Pay and Agenda For Change

A story appeared in the media today about an impending pay deal for NHS staff. The RCM has been heavily involved in negotiations since December, aimed at achieving better pay for our members and acceptable reform of pay structures within Agenda for Change. We are close to a final position that could be put to our Board and to members for consideration. We have also given our evidence to the Pay Review Body.

However, the details in the article are incomplete, unconfirmed and inaccurate in part. It appears the leak about the talks was politically motivated but the consequences could be to harm the chances of NHS staff getting a decent deal, to prevent NHS trade unions being able to present the final position to the media and to mislead  our members. This leaking of incomplete information has been unhelpful and has harmed the trust, which is so vital to negotiation.

The RCM will be working immediately to finalise details of the proposed package and to pressure the government to confirm funding, so the talks can be finished and you can see the full and final potential deal. Members will only be consulted when they have the full picture as to how any proposals will affect them.