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on 23 November 2018 Midwives Magazine Leadership RCM i-Learn Career

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At the RCM awards and conferences there are many examples of proactive, visionary and transformative leadership. However, maternity services are under constant scrutiny, whether it relates to poor outcomes or best use of financial services. Senior midwifery leaders face the challenge of providing a safe service within funding constraints as well as innovating and inspiring. Leadership training in maternity services has been aimed mainly at those who have a managerial role. Student midwives have had very little specific education about leadership and, once registered, midwives can find it difficult to access leadership development.

Recently there has been a greater recognition that leadership is part of everyone’s role and not something that should simply be the preserve of managers. The Kirkup report (2015) highlighted that everyone had a part to play in speaking out when they saw poor practice and that responsibility was crucial at all levels.

The RCM now has a package of leadership development resources for all maternity staff. This includes a range of face-to-face workshops, details of which can be found on the RCM website. In addition, a series of short online learning modules in i-learn have just been launched. Leadership i-learn courses currently available for members can be found in the career development category and include the following topics:

  • Coaching
  • Promoting learning
  • Managing resources
  • Strategic thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Promoting the profession
  • Developing the vision.

RCM Career Framework

The Career Framework is an i-learn resource to provide inspiration on possible future career moves that members might be interested in. Providing illustrations of a sample of destinations beyond entry to the maternity workforce, the Career Framework is about exploring options, and expanding horizons and prospects. For example, you may be interested in getting more involved with supporting midwifery students or you could be an MSW looking to develop a public health role, such as smoking cessation. The framework is organised into four areas: education, clinical practice, management, and research. An interactive diagram of the framework takes you to descriptions of a range of possible roles in each category. This resource, accessible to RCM members, outlines the knowledge, skills and qualifications you will need to develop to progress in your chosen direction. There are also a number of real-life stories from members that illustrate their career pathways and achievements.

Module of the month

Look out for i-learn’s ‘Module of the month’, which will focus on a module that relates to current issues or awareness-raising events. Members are encouraged to discuss the subject with colleagues or take part in the online discussion.