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What to expect from party conference season

By Stuart Bonar, Public Affairs Advisor on 24 September 2021 After a one-year gap because of you-know-what, this autumn sees the return of in-person party conferences. Gone are the speeches delivered over Zoom and calls of “you’re on mute” when someone tries to ask a question; back are lanyard-wearing ...

Midwife numbers drop in latest NHS report

By Stuart Bonar, Public Affairs Advisor on 10 August 2021 New midwifery workforce figures from the NHS have given us here at the RCM cause for concern. Published by NHS Digital on 29 July, they reveal that the number of NHS midwives working in England in May had fallen by almost 300 in just two months. ...


By Jo Tanner, Director of Communications & Engagement on 02 August 2021 Midwives, MSWs, health professionals and scientists deserve our support and respect for all they continue to do during this pandemic. The RCM’s Director of Communications & Engagement, Jo Tanner, sets out why we are standing up to the hate-mongers ...

The RCM response to the NICE induction of labour draft guideline

By Lia Brigante, RCM Quality & Standards Advisor and Birte Harlev-Lam RCM Executive Director for Professional Midwifery on 07 July 2021 Several new recommendations from the updated draft 2021 NICE guideline on induction on labour have caused concerns in the midwifery community. In particular, the implication of those recommendations on service provision, midwifery workforce, ...