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Promoting, Influencing and Supporting on behalf of our members around Continuity of Carer

By Mary Ross-Davie, Dircetor of Scotland and Kate Brintworth, Head of Maternity Transformation on 10 July 2019 This week we have seen the publishing of figures that show that 17.3% of women in England are now being booked onto a care pathway that should ensure they receive continuity of carer throughout pregnancy, whilst giving birth and in the postnatal ...

Continuity of Carer

By Mary Ross-Davie - RCM Director for Scotland on 11 December 2018 Midwifery Continuity of Carer (MCOC) is a big issue in maternity care.  The Scottish and English maternity polices published since 2016 both recommend that MCOC becomes the central model of maternity care in both countries.