RCM voices support for safety champions guide

By John Windell on 16 February 2018 Maternity Safety Champions NHS

A new guide designed to enable and empower the work of maternity safety champions could help to improve services, says the RCM.

Published by NHS Improvement, the guide is for maternity safety champions such as frontline healthcare professionals such as midwives, and for those working at board and regional levels.

It gives broad descriptions of the various roles of champions and suggests how they can promote best practice in maternity services.

RCM chief executive and general secretary Gill Walton said: ‘The RCM welcomes the publication of this important guidance. Our maternity services are continuing to improve and deliver the safest possible care to women and their babies and that’s why it is so vital we support those who have stepped up to become maternity safety champions within our maternity services.

‘The RCM is here to support members so that they can deliver safe, high-quality care and we will be signposting maternity safety champions to these new resources.’

The guide can be downloaded here.