RCM comments on NHS pay negotiations

By Julie Griffiths on 09 March 2018 Pay and Agenda For Change

With reports in the media today (9 March) about a possible pay deal for NHS staff, the RCM explains the situation. 

RCM director for employment relations and communications Jon Skewes said: ‘The RCM and other health unions are in these pay negotiations, and working hard to get a good deal for our members and for our NHS.
‘There is a possible agreement on pay in sight and when that has been agreed we will be consulting our members for their views.
‘This article is unfortunate because it puts out an incomplete and unfinalised picture of what is being discussed and where we are in these negotiations with the government. It does not help to speculate on rumour and whispers in corridors.
‘It is important now that the RCM, our colleagues in the other health unions, and the government focus on settling this pay deal, and when we know what the full and final offer is, take that to our members in the NHS. I hope that we can all make that announcement soon.’

For more information on the pay proposals, see the latest articles in the Spring issue of Midwives magazine.