New digital help for breastfeeding

By Julie Griffiths on 09 March 2018 Breastfeeding

A breastfeeding friend has been launched on Amazon’s Alexa voice search service, as part of a campaign by Public Health England (PHE) to support new mums 24/7.

It has come from Start4Life, which is PHE’s marketing programme that helps parents adopt healthy behaviours. It is part of a national campaign to highlight the range of digital support tools available to support breastfeeding.

The new service is in addition to the interactive Start4life Breastfeeding Friend chatbot, accessed through Facebook Messenger, which launched last year, and the Start4Life website.

The information provided by all the Start4Life services is NHS-approved and both services are independent of Amazon and Facebook.

The digital offerings will help new mums at any time of the day or night, and aim to complement support and advice from healthcare professionals and breastfeeding specialists.

The campaign launched on 1 March and will be supported by PR activity, social media and digital advertising. Access campaign resources here.