‘Eliminate the midwifery shortage’

By Rob Dabrowski on 26 January 2018 Brexit Midwife Shortage

‘Too little attention has been given to retaining midwives and nurses in the NHS,’ states a new report.

The Health Committee publication goes on to say that the result of this has been ‘more leaving than joining the profession’. 

The Committee has now recommended that assurances be given to midwives and nurses from other EU countries that they will be able to remain in the UK working in the NHS post-Brexit.
It has also advised that the Government needs to closely observe the impact of the removal of the midwifery bursaries, particularly in relation to mature students.
Jon Skewes, RCM director of employment relations, policy and communications, said: ‘The recommendations and advice set out by the Health Committee in this report come as no surprise to the RCM.  

‘The advice they have given to Government in this report is inline with what the RCM has been long asking and warning of on vital workforce issues.

‘The NHS in England remains 3500 midwives short of the number of midwives it needs to deliver a safe and high-quality maternity service. 

‘Indeed the Secretary for State, Jeremy Hunt in November himself exclaimed in the Commons “We need more midwives” and now what the RCM would like to see is a clear commitment and plan from the Government to eliminate the midwifery shortage.'
For more information and to read the report, click here.