90-seconds idea winner 2017

on 11 December 2017 RCM Annual Conference Student midwives

Second-year student midwife Lorna McGinness took part in the ‘90-second idea’ session on the first day of the RCM student midwife conference in November. Her innovative idea was chosen among many others as the winning suggestion – here is what she proposed.

‘During placements I found that there were days when I questioned my abilities and if I was capable of being a midwife. I know from my peers that we all have days like that. I had a fantastic mentor, who I could confide in and debrief, but sometimes those niggling insecurities played on my mind. My peers and tutors are always available to speak with about concerns and when we return to theory, a specific session is timetabled. This allows the cohort to share both high and low points with each other and talk through events that may have troubled us.

My 90-second idea stemmed from this and I proposed that we could do something similar with the RCM to improve student relationships between universities and student engagement with the RCM. It would also allow us an additional opportunity to debrief following placements, perhaps a couple of times a year. These sessions would allow us to discuss our experiences together, both positive and negative. It could expand the student community and allow students, who perhaps feel they have nowhere to turn to, to raise their voice, in private and comfortable surroundings with other like-minded students.

I feel that a group like this would give students an opportunity to come together with our local RCM office, perhaps with the local board member and a student representative. It would be a great opportunity also to share ideas and improve the student voice. So far, my only opportunity to meet other students has been at the RCM conference and I would like to break down the barriers between universities and increase opportunities to meet other students.

By sharing our thoughts and bringing the student community together, we will be embracing the RCM Caring for You campaign and caring for each other too.’

Lorna is a second-year student midwife at the University of Nottingham