Steward training day success

By Emma Barr NHS Government FGM - Female Genital Mutilation

The first virtual stewards course began this week with 16 attendees from across the UK. The RCM has rewritten the Workplace Reps courses in 2020 to adapt them into the virtual world the team behind the courses were understandably anxious as 9am arrived on Monday morning. But with a lot of laughter, pets, and the occasional child appearing and a few technical glitches the first day went very well. Now two days in and all the new stewards are telling us they have learnt a lot and are enjoying the experience.

Jen Higgs, Regional Officer London said: "I was asked a few months ago to help with the development and transfer of the RCM’s face to face stewards course onto an online platform. It has been both exciting and challenging to use a whole ream of new technology, develop new virtual teaching methods and a range of resources that are both accessible online and paper based. As we get to grips with this ‘new’ way of both learning and working it will be exciting to see these new reps in action in our new virtual world!” 

Karen Edwards, Regional Head South, added: “We have great interaction from a really engaged group of stewards and look forward to then next group joining us soon."

Transform the way you think and do equality. Brap will be running the training in partnership with the RCM, discussing race matters empowering RCM Activists to talk confidently about race and equality in a safe in environment.