Plymouth invites families to decorate Christmas tree

on 09 December 2020 Maternity Services MSW Week MSWs - Maternity Support Workers

‘Christmas tree oh Christmas tree how lovely are your branches?’ We can certainly enjoy the tree at Derriford Hospital as the maternity staff ask families to decorate the branches with baubles, one for each baby born in December.

RCM committee member Cheryl Cole suggested the idea to her team as a way to brighten up the labour ward and the community’s spirits at the end of a very difficult year. The local Tesco’s branch donated the tree and the team used branch funds for a selection of pink, blue and gold baubles as well as small labels to write the names and dates of the new babies.

With over 70 births so far, Derriford’s tree proves to be very popular with the mums and families as its branches get busier every day. The baubles represent the babies but also symbolise the dedicated maternity staff who work hard to provide the best possible experience for the women and families in these unprecedented times.

The invitation reads:

‘For each baby born throughout the month of December, parents will be invited to add a bauble to the tree and by Christmas and New Year the branches will hopefully be shining bright.

Blue, pink and gold baubles available to choose from. Message tags will also be available to write a message or baby’s name and date of birth if parent wish. Check out our social pages to see how the tree is flourishing.’

The tree today:

See how the tree is getting on here.