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    30 March, 2016

    Our monthly blog on midwifery supervision provides an update to our members on the current position. As I write this we are still awaiting news as to when the DH consultation on the changes to midwifery regulation will commence. However, I can provide you with an update on a series of...

  • 30 March, 2016

    County Durham and Darlington RCM branch held their AGM on 15th March 2016 at the Green Tree Tudhoe.  12 members attended and we were successful in electing branch officers for another year.  Karen Dickinson retired as Steward after many years of supporting members and she was...

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    23 March, 2016

    As a unit, as with every other unit in the country – following the Kirkup report into the failings at Morecambe Bay we have been reviewing our own practices and challenging ourselves to make sure the same events could never happen here.

    Also, as with other...

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    22 March, 2016

    The RCM dynamic cycling team is upping the anti with tales of intrepid training feats going the rounds of our staff email. For my own part I had a pleasant three lap pedal round Richmond Park on Saturday morning. The lycra clad fitties on their racing bikes were without exception zooming past...

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    18 March, 2016

    Just back from a great conference organised by the Wales Maternity Network. The conference, Better Together, was focused on work place cultures and the importance of multidisciplinary working and reflected the commitment in Wales to ensuring all maternity services are of the highest quality....

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    17 March, 2016

    There’s not long to go until Wales elects a new Assembly to lead our country through the next few years. Candidates are popping up everywhere – delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, and turning up to hustings meetings to field questions from voters.

    It’s election time. They need our...

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    11 March, 2016

    We must be mad! I always remember, when I was a community midwife , calling one of my women and hearing her partner shout up the stairs ‘Darling, it’s the madwife on the phone!’  Maybe that nomenclature would be more pertinent now as I join eight RCM colleagues to cycle 230 miles across...

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    25 February, 2016

    Perhaps it wasn’t surprising that the focus of media attention following the launch of Better Births – the NHS Maternity Review for England link was the issue of NHS Personalised Maternity Budgets. After all it is probably the most political and different idea in the report. However, in my...

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    23 February, 2016

    Whew, at last the report is launched and now the challenge is making it happen.

    The report should please midwives. It is all about women and what they as individuals need and its findings are based on evidence – both from maternity services researchers and from the women who use the...

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    9 February, 2016

    Some political decisions are big and noisy; they make the news, and register loud and clear on the political radar. Others however are just as important, but make silent progress through the system.

    One of the latter is working its way through the corridors of...