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MPs to debate NHS pay. Email your MP now.

Stuart Bonar, Public Affairs Advisor
12 September, 2017

MPs to debate NHS pay. Email your MP now.

Members of Parliament will tomorrow – Wednesday 13 September – debate and vote on pay in the NHS, and we’d love to have your help in convincing MPs of the need for better, fairer NHS pay.

Fair Pay Overdue Postcard in Orange and Blue Lettering
NHS staff do not need me to tell them that NHS pay has been held down far too long. They have suffered the impact for years. An average midwife, for example, is now £6,000 per year worse off than if their salary had simply risen in line with prices since 2010. This has to stop.

Pay rises in the NHS are set by the NHS Pay Review Body, but in recent years the Government has capped what the NHSPRB can recommend. And that is why NHS midwives and MSWs are worse off now than they were in 2010.

The Government needs to abolish the pay cap. But more than that it needs to include a fair pay rise in its evidence to the NHSPRB then fund what the pay review body recommends. It has to do all these things if midwives and other hard-pressed NHS workers are to get the pay rise they deserve.

This is where you can help.

We need you to email your MP ahead of tomorrow’s debate. You can do that easily using the WriteToThem.com website. It’s free; all you need is your postcode. But you do need to do it quickly because the debate is tomorrow – don’t blame us; it’s only just been announced.

Email them and tell them frankly how pay restraint has impacted on you and how you feel about it. That kind of personal experience is exactly what will be most effective in influencing MPs.

Ask them too to challenge the Government not only to abandon the pay cap but also for the Government to call for and fund a fair pay rise for NHS staff. You can read the briefing we are sending MPs here, which you can use to write your email. And you can ask them to meet with the RCM too to discuss pay (tell them to email me at stuart.bonar@rcm.org.uk).

And if you want to share the MP’s response, feel free to send it to me at that email address too. And thank you for helping the RCM’s Fair Pay Overdue campaigning.

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