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Women speak out on maternity services in Wales

10 October, 2017

Women speak out on maternity services in Wales

The Welsh Government has published the findings of the ‘Your Birth We Care’ survey.

The survey aimed to evaluate women’s views of antenatal services and how current service provisions can prepare women for labour, birth and parenting.

The findings revealed that women would like to build relationships with knowledgeable, compassionate and kind midwives, to not only make them feel safe, but enable them to trust the information they're given.

They would like more information about the birthing options available to them, so that they can decide where to give birth, not health professionals.

They also requested improved access to classes that adequately prepare them for birth, and to have their choices respected, wherever they give birth. The full survey was completed by 3968 women from all over Wales.

They represented all age groups, ranging from first time mothers, to those who have had several births. It is hoped that the survey results will help develop a shared vision for the future of midwifery-led services.

RCM director in Wales Helen Rogers said: ‘This is important information about what women want from their maternity services, and it should drive how their care is delivered.  

‘There is a clear call from women for stronger relationships with their midwife. This strengthens our calls for better continuity of carer for women. This means women seeing the same midwife, or small group of midwives, throughout and after their pregnancy.  

‘It is also crucial that women are given the information they need to make informed decisions about their care, with the support of their midwife. Choice about their birth and real access to that choice should also be at the heart of services. We must work together to ensure that those choices are honoured and respected and that women are supported in them.  

This points the direction in which services must go. We also need the resources and right staffing levels to ensure Wales can deliver the safest and highest quality maternity care.’

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