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WHELM study and cyber attack

15 May, 2017

WHELM study and cyber attack

The NHS cyber attack at the weekend has caused some issues for RCM members attempting to complete the WHELM survey.

The team behind the project, led by Billie Hunter, has since issued the following statement: 

'We are aware that some midwives have experienced problems completing the WHELM survey because of the NHS cyber attack. We have been advised if you go back into the survey on the computer you were originally using, you may be able to pick up where you left off, although there is no guarantee.
‘Please be reassured that any data you have already entered has been saved. We will be able to retrieve all the already recorded responses, so your time has not been wasted.
‘Please note that it is best not to repeat the survey from the start if you have already started, otherwise you will be counted twice. We apologise for these difficulties but, as you will appreciate, they are outside of our control.’ 

The study looks at the emotional health and wellbeing of midwives. For more information and to take part, click here.

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