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'Very encouraging' Caring for You progress

19 September, 2016

'Very encouraging' Caring for You progress

A quarter of maternity services across the UK have signed up to the RCM Caring for You Charter.

To date, 43 services have backed the campaign, which aims to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of midwives, student midwives, and MSWs.

It is hoped this will enable them to continue providing the highest levels of maternity care for women and their families.

Suzanne Tyler, RCM director for services to members, said: ‘This is a great achievement and is testament to the hard work and effort of our representatives and staff.

‘It is very encouraging to see so many heads of midwifery concerned abut the wellbeing of the staff, engaging with the campaign and committing time and resources to it.

‘It shows not only a concern for staff but a commitment to the mothers, babies and families they care for. I look forward to many more trusts signing up to our charter.’

The RCM’s Caring for You campaign was launched in June with the aim of getting NHS organisations across the UK to sign up to the charter. 

When signing the charter, organisations are committing to upholding key principles based around ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of midwives and MSWs.

An RCM survey, published when the campaign was launched, found that over half (52%) of midwives and MSW said that they had seen an error, near miss or incident that could have hurt service users in the last month.

Half of the respondents also strongly agreed or agreed with the statement ‘I am worried about making a mistake at work because I am exhausted’.

Almost half (48%) of respondents to the survey said they felt stress every day or most days.

The most common reasons for stress were workload (78%); staff shortages (76%) and not enough time to do their job (65%).

For more information on the Caring for You campaign and charter, click here.

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