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The cost of pre-eclampsia

12 July, 2017

The cost of pre-eclampsia

A new study has been published that examines the short-term costs associated with pre-eclampsia.

The US research reveals that the condition accounts for $2.18bn of healthcare expenditure in the first 12 months after birth.

Pre-eclampsia increased the probability of an adverse event from 4.6% to 10.1% for mothers and from 7.8% to 15.4% for infants, while lowering gestational age by 1.7 weeks.

The researchers say that since 1980, cases have increased steadily from 2.4% of pregnancies to 3.8% in 2010.

Senior investigator Anupam B Jena said: ‘Existing treatment options for pre-eclampsia and research into the disease have been limited despite the scale of the disease burden and its high growth rate. 

‘From an epidemiologic perspective, pre-eclampsia is growing at a rate more rapid than diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, obesity, and chronic kidney disease – diseases for which substantial research and treatment funding have been allocated.’

The study has been published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and can be accessed by clicking here.

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