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Research scholarship winner announced

1 August, 2012

Research scholarship winner announced

Wellbeing of Women has announced the latest winner of its entry level research scholarship award. Posted: 1 August 2012 by Aimee Sadler

The charity Wellbeing of Women has announced the latest winner of its entry level research scholarship award, in association with the RCM

Kerry Evans, Wellbeing for Women scholarship winner

Kerry Evans, a midwife at Nottingham University Hospital, is due to start the project in September of this year. 

The research aims to provide new information about the effect of stress and anxiety on women during pregnancy, and the negative impacts it can have on new mothers.

Kerry said: ‘As a midwife working towards a clinical academic career, the Wellbeing of Women entry level research scholarship is providing me with an excellent opportunity to carry out preliminary work towards developing a health instrument to identify women who experience stress and anxiety during their pregnancy.

‘It will allow me to gain experience in undertaking a range of research activities, managing a research project and will support applications or future funding.’

Entry level research scholarships are available to applicants who have not been previously involved in substantial research and aim to support basic science, clinical or traditional research with up to £20,000 of funding.

Wellbeing of Women, in association with the RCM, also invites applications for the Midwives International Fellowship award to enable midwives to further develop research interests in midwifery, maternity services, pregnancy, childbirth and women’s health from an international perspective. 

The award is open to RCM midwives holding full membership status who may be experienced researchers or who are new to the research discipline. This research activity can be undertaken in the UK or overseas and is an opportunity for an individual midwife or a team of midwives.

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