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RCM launches Uganda project

8 September, 2015

RCM launches Uganda project

The global team at the RCM has launched a recruitment drive for midwives to join their latest project. 

It is called MOMENTUM: developing a MOdel of MENTorship for Ugandan Midwifery students.

The RCM received funding from UK AID, managed through the Health Partnership Scheme by the Tropical Health and Education Trust.

MOMENTUM will see six RCM members recruited as volunteers on a programme, which will run for 20 months.

This project follows the successful completion of the Global Midwifery Twinning Project (GMTP) in Cambodia, Nepal and Uganda, which ended in March this year.

The project aims to proactively address the poor quality of mentorship and training that student midwives currently receive in Uganda and will be jointly implemented by RCM and the Uganda Private Midwives Association.

Joy Kemp, RCM global professional advisor, said: ‘Student midwives in Uganda receive poor quality mentorship during their training, so often Ugandan midwives are not fully competent when they qualify.

‘The period of “mentorship” in a student midwives practical training has been identified as a crucial intervention point and ultimately good quality mentorship ensures better outcomes for both mother and baby in the long term.

‘Our experience during GMTP taught us that our RCM members have a great deal of midwifery expertise to share and provide crucial interventions by providing midwife to midwife support to our overseas partners.'

She continued: ‘This project aims to improve the training of student midwives and help improve midwifery education, regulation and association so that student midwives in Uganda can develop the competencies they need to deliver quality midwifery care.

'With a strong midwifery profession, competent midwives and improved access to care, Uganda can continue to improve the care mothers and babies receive and decrease its high maternal and newborn mortality rate.’

The six RCM members recruited for this project will make two visits to Uganda in 2016 and 2017 and will stay for four weeks each time.

Between visits, the volunteers will connect with their 'twins' virtually to provide support, guidance and clinical expertise.

Four Ugandan midwife twins will visit the UK in late 2016 to undertake clinical site visits to observe a different context of midwifery and mentorship, and to deliver a paper at a RCM conference about developing their workplaces as sites of midwifery mentorship excellence in Uganda.

For more information and to volunteer to take part in the project, click here.

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