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RCM fights for rights at women’s conference

9 March, 2017

RCM fights for rights at women’s conference



The RCM is highlighting EU workers, maternity discrimination and public sector pay restraint at the TUC Women’s Conference.

The conference is being held in London. It started yesterday (8 March) and continues until 1pm tomorrow (10 March). 

The RCM has put forward a motion on the ‘right to remain for EU staff’ and a motion ‘supporting workers during the menopause’.
It will second ‘breastfeeding: a human right’ and will speak across the course of the conference in support of various motions around pregnancy discrimination and widening gender inequality.
Amy Leversidge, RCM employment relations advisor, said: ‘The RCM campaigned to remain in the EU, while the outcome was not what we had hoped we do respect the outcome of the referendum.
‘We are now looking to the future and what this means for NHS staff. We must protect existing workers in the NHS who come from other EU countries.’ 
She added: ‘In England we remain 3500 midwives short and the government should be doing everything they can to close the shortage. To leave hardworking EU midwives in limbo about their working rights post Brexit is simply unacceptable.’ 

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