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RCM Annual Conference 2016

2 November, 2016

RCM Annual Conference 2016


Our annual RCM Conference on Harrogate was held on the 19th and 20th October 2016 at Harrogate International Centre. It was an inspirational and educational occasion focusing on safety, standards and experience in midwifery. Delegates gained insightful opinions from forums sharing evidence based learning in midwifery from leading speakers at the RCM.

Our conference themes - Safety, Standards and Experience were a reflection of the important issues facing midwifery currently. How do we provide a service that is simultaneously focused on quality outcomes, the highest professional standards and is an enriching experience for women and their families and the staff who deliver care?

Through our Better Births initiative which promotes safe maternity healthcare – we explored how we could reduce mortality rates in stillbirth and create a safer environment.

Our conference was attended by almost 1000 delegates from across the UK who had the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops and seminars. The Student Midwives Conference highlighted issues facing future practice such as maternal mental health and wellbeing. The Workplace Representatives Conference focused on the essentials that make the Caring for You campaign more effective.

The RCM Conference also had learning resources available to teach and motivate at the RCM Learning Zone such as i-learn and i-portfolio and interactive sessions showing how CPD learning is made easier for you. 

The RCM is committed to promoting high quality healthcare. Our RCM Conference is held annually to ensure that your voices are heard by leading decision-makers in healthcare. 

We hope you will join us to reach our goal in 2017.

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