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Pledge to lift pay cap in Scotland

30 June, 2017

Pledge to lift pay cap in Scotland

The Scottish Government ‘has committed to lifting the pay cap’ for public sector workers.

The news was revealed in the Scottish parliament yesterday (29 June) by the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay.

He said: ‘The Scottish Government has committed to lifting the pay cap. We will engage with the trade unions. I cannot make a determination today but I will, of course, engage positively with the trade unions. I have committed to having a meeting with the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

‘We understand the situation of people in the workforce on the lowest incomes, whose spending power has reduced as a consequence of rising inflation. That is why we have a position that will take account of the public finances and the cost of living. 

‘The first minister has made it clear that it will not be assumed that the 1% pay cap will be maintained next year or in future years.’

Mary Ross-Davie, RCM director for Scotland, welcomed the news.

She said: ‘This is a move that we applaud, and will be very good news for our hard-pressed and hard working midwives, maternity support workers and other NHS staff.
‘What is needed now is a fair pay award that makes up for the years of pay freezes and pay restraint in the NHS, which has seen midwives’ pay drop in value by over £6000 since 2010.
‘Midwives are not asking for anything out of the ordinary. They are just asking to be treated fairly in exchange for their often selfless dedication and commitment to providing our mothers, babies and their families with the best possible care.’

She added that the RCM is calling on all other UK governments to follow ‘with no delay' to fund fair pay in the NHS’.

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