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NHS pay cap scrapped

10 October, 2017

NHS pay cap scrapped

The health secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed the NHS pay cap has been ‘scrapped’.

But he has yet to reveal whether or not midwives and other NHS staff will get pay awards to match rising inflation.

The announcement was made today (10 October) during health questions in the Commons.

RCM director for policy, communications and employment relations Jon Skewes said: ‘The RCM very much welcomes today’s announcement, however this cannot be another empty promise by Jeremey Hunt. The time is now to concede NHS Unions’ pay claim on behalf of midwives and all NHS workers and fund it properly.

Jon added that the government must commit to fully funding a real terms pay increase for midwives and NHS staff, as anything less will fundamentally damage employment relations in the NHS and will add to the already rock-bottom NHS morale. 

‘It will further push midwives out of the profession at a time when we already have a shortage of midwives that is getting worse,’ Jon said. 

‘We need our NHS staff more than ever because ultimately, investment in NHS staff is an investment in high quality, safe NHS care. Midwives and MSWs work incredibly hard under increasingly challenging circumstances and they are working harder every day while seeing their pay drop.’ 

Jon highlighted that in England alone the NHS is 3500 midwives short, and coupled with a high birth rate and women presenting with increasingly complex pregnancies, it means funding for staff and fair pay has never been more critical.

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