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NHS boss says it may be time to reexamine low pay

23 May, 2017

NHS boss says it may be time to reexamine low pay

The future of the NHS has been called into question by chief executive of the NHS Confederation, Niall Dickson.

Writing on The Guardian website, he said that unless action is taken to improve pay, along with working conditions and recruitment issues, staff might simply abandon the NHS in the coming years.
His warning comes only months after a 1% pay rise was announced for health workers, including midwives, nurses, doctors and dentists.
On The Guardian website, Niall said: ‘There may now be a case for looking again at pay. Given the financial and demand pressures on the service in recent years, some pay restraint has been necessary and inevitable. But it is also obvious there will be a limit on how far this can be taken before it affects recruitment and morale.’
He also wrote that the ‘plight of EU nationals working here’ needed to be dealt with ‘quickly and effectively’, otherwise staff shortages will become even more serious.
After the 1% pay increase was announced, a House of Lords Select Committee report acknowledged that health workers looked set to face a ‘prolonged period of pay restraint’, The Guardian website also noted.

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